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Freelance pianist in the Chicago area for over 25 years specializing in elegant and jazzy music for all occasions.

Repertoire including standards from the American Songbook, Bossa Novas, Jazz, and Pop.

Pianist at the Ravinia Bistro restaurant in Highland Park for 14 years, and recently at the

Trattoria Valle d’Itria restaurant in Highland Park.

Former member of the Limited Edition Big Band and Gary Blum Orchestra.

Jazz educator with a Masters of Music in Jazz Studies from DePaul University, Chicago.

Gary Swerdlow

I finally found a teacher who offered a successful  process for learning jazz

piano. Gary has taught me a systematic program for tackling the complex study of jazz. His demeanor is encouraging and kind while his expertise provides an intellectual and musical challenge.

                           - Adult student of six years


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Summer Quarter begins

Wednesday, May 31

This uses many of the components

that we have talked about

Updated 5/22/17

Gary Swerdlow provided me a clear and concise structure for forming chords and melodies, yet left me plenty of room and ideas to explore my own creativity and spontaneity. I cannot think of a person who could have better prepared me for playing music at the professional level.

                                    - Adam Kromelow

             New Trier High School graduate

Of Interest...

Some Goals of this studio...

The learning, practicing

experience as a goal in


Finding specific solutions for the

abstract problems that occur

when learning music in general,

jazz and piano specifically.

Like physical exercise, yoga

especially, practice becomes a

satisfying way to guide oneself

through a lifelong process

of personal growth.

Learning how to learn: Making the

process fun, gratifying, and





Material for the 2016-17

school year

Teaching Repertoire

Summer Quarter is Wednesday, May 31 - Monday, Aug. 28

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